We have a wide range of high-grade finishes on offer, originating from sustainable sources. Our superb craftsmanship guarantees that even large training or conference rooms are decorated with a uniform grain. 

Examples of customisable finishes for each product are:

  • Powder coating for any metal items such as seminar desk legs and connect computer desk

  • Laminate and table top finishes for computer desks and seminar desks

  • Edge/Trims for table tops

  • Fabrics for upholstered chairs 

  • Stretch fabrics for table and chair skirts


Please see each individual product for more details, or download the PDF files below:

Classic laminate and table top finishes (Melteca)

Modern laminate and table top finishes (Melteca)

Edge/Trim options for table tops (Melteca)

Powder Coating options (Dulux)

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