Connect seminar - screw leg


  • features

    Connect Seminar - screw leg - tables fit seamlessly into the Connect System* with numerous configuration options. 


    • Hook system that allows groups of desks to be joined together easily. Easy to connect and separate.
    • State of the art modern and stylish design.
    • The connect seminar screw leg has an oversized thread requiring only 3 1/2 turns to remove it from the table top, making it the fastest removable screw leg in the market.
    • Ships six to a compact dolly for easy movement. 


    *patent pending

  • specs

    Default specifications:
    • Rectangle default size: 1500(L) x 750(W) x 710(H)
    • Square default size: 750(L) x 750(W) x 710(H)
    • Semi-circle default size: 1700(L) x 850(D) x 710(H)
    • Quarter-circle default size: 850(L) x 850(D) x 710(H)


    Custom shapes and sizes are available upon request. Just let us know what you need.

  • options

    Optional extras include:

    1. Standoff: A nylon stand off protects table tops when stacked. 
    2. Connect Leaf: A legless leaf that spans between two tables with legs. 
    3. Cable Management: Cable management solution that attaches to any Connect Seminar Table leg with two separate compartments for data separation. 
    4. Modesty Panel: Modesty panel with integrated cable and equipment management for the storage and management of chargers, power supplies and other equipment.
    5. Robust wheels with locking mechanism.


  • finishes

    Default Finishes:

    The default finish for the Connect series seminar desks is a "Warm White" Melteca top with "Silver Pearl" Powder Coated legs.

    Connect Seminar desking default finishes

    Custom finishes are available on request.


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