Connect Computer Desk


  • features

    A practical multi-purpose computer and conference desk* that looks great, saves time in room set-ups and reduces labour and storage costs. 


    • Hook system that allows groups of desks to be joined together easily. 
    • Fits seamlessly into the Connect System furniture series with endless configuration options. Easy to connect and separate.
    • State of the art modern and stylish design.
    • An easily accessible built in storage bin that allows conversion of a computer room or technology workshop to a seminar configuration in less than a minute per desk.
    • Robust wheels with locking mechanism.


    * patent pending

  • specs


    Overall Dimensions of 750(L) x 750(D) x 710(H) 

    (50mm + 800mm BIN + 50mm = 900mm)



    Overall Dimensions of 1750(L) x 750(D) x 710(H) 

    a) 1800 DESK: 50mm + 800mm BIN + 50mm + 800mm + 50mm = 1750mm

    b) 1500 DESK: 50mm + 675mm BIN + 50mm + 675mm + 50mm = 1500mm

    Customisable upon request.

  • options

    1. Lockable storage unit: Simple tab lock that can be keyed alike or individually with a master key option.

    2. Connect Leaf: A legless leaf that spans between two tables with legs.

    3. Optional branding over the computer storage bin area to add your overall corporate identity.

    • A: Digitally printed and laminated decals printed onto bubble free vinyl for easy application. 650mm x 850mm maximum size.
    • B: 0.6mm lightweight magnetic sheeting applied with digitally printed and laminated graphics. 250mm x 500mm maximum size.
  • finishes

    Standard units have "Warm White" tops with a silver base frame and the built-in PC storage bin in Silver, Red or Blue.

    powder coating examples

    Custom laminates and powder-coating colours are available upon request.


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